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Professional vehicle coding services for BMW owners in Australia.

Get in touch to discuss coding options for your BMW.

We offer professional BMW coding services in Australia

Our approach to coding your BMW is based on professional, safe, thorough practices.

We don’t take risks, and our work is guaranteed.

Remote coding services now available!

For customers based outside Melbourne, we now offer remote coding services.

How does this work?

We send you a cable and USB drive with the required software

You install the software and connect your laptop (Mac or PC) to your vehicle

Our team remote connect to your laptop

Contact Us to find out more about remote coding for your BMW

BMW & Mini coding options by model and series

We’ve listed out some of the most common coding options for your BMW below. Expand the section that matches your BMW model and series to see what options might be available for your BMW.

If your series and model isn’t listed here, contact us to find out what is possible for your vehicle.

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What can you expect from a professional coding session with us?

  • Pre-coding diagnostic

    Full inspection and report on all ECU’s (electronic control units). We email you a diagnostic report following your coding session, which can be used to follow up with your service center if any issues are discovered.

  • Backups of your current codings

    We can create backups of your current codings. Useful should you ever wish to return to the settings prior to your coding session.

  • Test & Verification

    We test all your coded options, followed by a run through with you the customer after the session. We work hard to ensure you are fully satisfied with the new settings of your vehicle, and your expectations have been met.

  • Backups of your coded options

    We create backups of your new codings. This is particularly useful if your dealer updates the software of your vehicle, which can often erase your codings.

What are some of the most requested coding options for BMW cars?

  • Disable iDrive legal disclaimer

    Do you find the BMW iDrive disclaimers and various other warnings annoying? We can remove these to improve your driving pleasure.

  • Disable seat belt warnings

    Seat belt gongs, chimes, and other annoying noises in your vehicle. If you’d prefer not to have these we can help.

  • Turn off or memorise start/stop

    Many people find the stop/start function annoying. We can often disable stop/start, or modify the default to be the last setting.

  • Enable Video and DVD in Motion

    Would your passengers like to watch TV/Video whilst your car is in motion? Talk to us to see if this can be enabled for your vehicle.

  • Close windows, sunroof & mirrors

    We can code your BMW so that a simple press of your key fob closes your windows, sunroof and mirrors.

  • Enable digital speedometer

    Enable the true digital speed to readout on your BMW.